12 Apr 2012

Menjawab : Kenapa Nonton film, tv series atau anime yang endingnya ngga jelas ?

    Pertanyaan simpel dari seorang teman, “Hei, kenapa di top list anime, tv series, bahkan film, semua yang favorit selalu yang endingnya ngga jelas ?”

“Ngga jelas dalam artian, entah itu sad ending atau happy ending”
Ok, Pas waktu itu ditanya Cuma bisa diem dan ngasih alasan ngga jelas. Jujur, ngga tau alasannya, saat itu gue mikir Ya, kalau suka, suka aja ngga ada alasan tertentu.
    Tapi setelah itu gue mikir, apa iya ngga ada alasannya. Then I realize everything has its own reason. Sometime that reason doesn’t make sense, but it’s still reason. Akhirnya gue nanya ke diri sendiri, apa iya there’s no reason ?

    Oh, ternyata ada juga alasannya kenapa gue lebih suka film, tv series or anime with unknown ending (cara gue nyebut ending ngga jelas). Dan inilah alasan yang otak gue buat setelah mikir lama.

    Alasannya simple karena gue ngga suka happy ending atau sad ending. Gue lebih suka unknown ending ok. Jadi kalau diurut gue lebih suka unknown ending-happy ending-sad ending. Kenapa harus unknown ending ???

    Itu semua karena gue berpikir film, TV Series atau anime itu adalah salah satu bagian cerita. Cerita kehidupan, hasil perasaan dan pemikiran yang setidaknya there’s some part of it related to reality. So I think Happy ending or sad ending not enough for me. Terlebih Karena gue berpikir semua itu bagian dari cerita kehidupan maka gue berpikir tiap orang berhak dan harus bikin endingnya sendiri.

    Di Unknown ending, bebas kok mau artiin itu sad ending atau bad ending. Makanya di top list gue adalah yang mempunyai unknown ending.

For example :
Di Film Cin(t)a. Akhirnya adalah Annisa wearing a wedding dress but we never know who’s the groom. Jadi tiap orang bebas artiin apakah Annisa menikah sama cina atau ngga. Bebas kan nentuin endingnya


Di TV series Chuck. Akhirnya Sarah Walker yang amnesia di cium sama Chuck dengan harapan sarah mengingat semua hal. But in the end screen become black. Disitu kita ngga tau apakah sarah inget semuanya atau ngga. Sekali lagi kita bebas nentuin itu apakah sad ending atau happy ending.

    Yup, intinya gue berpikir setiap orang bebas nentuin ending. Terutama ending cerita kehidupannya.

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7 Apr 2012

This What I Mean by Lying


Ok, who's on this earth that have never been lying ???
I'm sure there's no one...

Lying... what I mean is you just don't tell the other the truth ok, it different stories if you just keep it secret...

For an example :

Condition : I'm Injured from my badminton practice and I’m tried to ignore this pain.

My Girlfriend doesn't know I'm injured and she asked me "hey, honey... are you okay ??? You don't look good ??? Are you Injured ??? or Something ???

My possible Answer :

1 : "hahaha, I'm okay... you don't need to worry"

2 : "How you find out it ??? Actually I think my knee will give up soon"

3 : *smile to her* "....." (I don't say anything)

yup, they're 3 possible answer...

      In 1, I'm actually lie to her... I think I won't make her worried. that's what I mean lie, you tell someone the different fact. In this case, I'm lie for her own sake even though I'm later realize maybe it's not the best for her. This kind lie will stop here if she's not asked you anything else.

     In 2, I'm being too honest... almost impossible for me said such thing. Even though there's possibilities but it very small chance. In this case most of man act being cool *If you're a man you definitely know what I mean here* . You tried best to keep this injured secret, lie to her by said it's nothing but when she's said "oh, c'mon your a liar... you don't need hide it from me, I know you" then in the end you tell her the truth.

    In 3, I'm in the middle confusion, My brain tell me I'm must be honest but My Heart try to convince me I must said the truth. In the end I'm being silent, hahaha. This is not a lie. You actually just keep it secret... not a lie ok.

Now, You know what I mean by lie... It's simply you tell someone the opposite fact. Keeping secret it's not a lie.

However for some people it's the same case if you lying or keeping secret... And lying or keeping secret have its own consequence... So do on your own risk

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